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Development and application mode of cultural tourism lighting market

At present, building a "cultural tourism +" model based on cultural tourism as a base to integrate architecture, natural landscape and other carriers has become another active attempt of the pan-cultural industry, the physical industry, and the lighting industry to seek industrial characterization and marketization. During this attempt, the developer/investor, through the design and construction of the core industry, with the help of the core industry’s market appeal, and using a variety of expressions such as lighting creativity, highly grafted the tourism consumption power and the industrial effect. On the basis of inheriting and disseminating traditional and modern culture, a new model of industry and market economy development suitable for modern society is found. At present, the common development vectors mainly include the following 4 types

  • 01 Ancient architectural lighting
  • 02 Lighting of cultural and characteristic towns
  • 03Garden scenic lighting
  • 04 Theme park lighting

Three big

Market demands open a new chapter in the lighting ecology of Chinese cultural tourism

  • 01

    Combining regional characteristics to create a new export of consumer economy


    At present, the consumption time and index of night scenes at home and abroad are constantly increasing. Countries and regions are paying close attention to the night economy, in order to create unique night consumption patterns for consumers in addition to the increasingly saturated day consumption. Lighting is an essential element at night, from the initial functional lighting to the later outdoor landscape lighting to the cultural tourism lighting in recent years, the functional "protagonist" of lighting is gradually reducing, but its supporting role The fusion effect is infinitely magnified. Coupled with the vigorous development and promotion of the night scene economy of cultural tourism in various places, the well-known foreign lighting festival, night tour economy, etc., the role of lighting has been seen by all walks of life.

  • 02

    Through the cultivation of new exports to further stimulate China's local lighting consumption and innovative culture


    Currently, China’s soft economy is developing vigorously, but compared with neighboring countries, it is still an input model. In recent years, the government and local leaders have been seeking a breakthrough and development of the soft economy. Among them, the rise of the tourism economy is undoubtedly The best policy response. In addition, with the upward trend of China's overall economy, how to retain local consumers and attract foreign tourists, these are all things that must be done to enhance China's soft economic strength in the new consumption era, and also realize the Chinese dream and revival The only way for China's excellent culture, so the development of cultural tourism lighting is indirectly cultivating China's local consumer power and inspiring a unique and innovative culture.

  • 03

    Promote the integrated development of lighting industry, physical industry and service industry


    Cultural tourism lighting is a sub-project under the cultural tourism project. The construction of cultural tourism lighting requires not only the participation of lighting companies, but also planning, publicity and cultural departments, tourism departments, local administrative departments, investment departments and other fields. This is different from traditional lighting engineering projects, so the development and implementation of cultural tourism lighting projects will inevitably promote closer integration and cooperation between the lighting industry and other industries.

Big Four

Core promotion Lai Yiting will do my best to move forward diligently

  • 01

    Work with the art team to carry out the cultural connotation to the end and create an artistic "net red culture"

    In view of the current market situation of light art and heavy functions, Lai Yi Ting Cultural Tourism Lighting Department will focus on the refinement of artistic value, the extension of cultural connotation and the expression of creative forms. In the name of play, it conveys unique visual and tactile feelings to tourists. With the commercialization of 5G, the emergence of mobile social media and short video platforms, the connotation and extension of cultural tourism products will also change. In addition, the new generation of consumer groups chasing "Internet celebrity attractions" and "Internet celebrity XX" show the demand creation model based on new communication channels. Therefore, cultural tourism lighting not only needs to keep an eye on the existing cultural products or cultural ecology, it is also a way to create a "net red culture" that modern people can understand and understand in the form of lighting.


  • 02

    Committed to the development of immersive cultural tourism lighting to enhance the sense of tourist participation and resonance in visitors

    In recent years, domestic cultural tourism lighting has played a more supporting role, highlighting landscapes, architecture, etc. The lighting festival sketches are more blunt, focusing only on lighting, lacking culture and creativity. In view of this, Lai Yiting is committed to creating an immersive experience in the field of Chinese cultural tourism lighting. Through the combination of human-machine interaction, sound, light and electricity, it creates a story atmosphere with a sense of substitution and stimulates the imagination of tourists. At the same time, we hope to integrate Chinese traditional culture with the daily life of tourists through modern means to enhance the sense of participation and resonance of tourists.


  • 03

    Strengthen investment in technology and start a dialogue between traditional and modern technology

    One of the core tasks of Lai Yiting Cultural Tourism Lighting will focus on the modern language and lens performance of distinctive culture. We will use cutting-edge technologies such as modern multimedia interactive technology, artificial intelligence, VR/MR, Work with top visual production companies and creative planning companies at home and abroad to plan and produce cultural tourism lighting content, combining fresh creativity, technology, design and educational concepts to create a unique and immersive cultural tourism lighting space in China.


  • 04

    LYT focuses on the long-term development of cultural tourism lighting, and cooperates with the developer and operator for follow-up operation management and other work

    At present, most domestic cultural and tourism projects despise the early planning and later operation management, which leads to the fragmentation of many project links and poor subsequent operations, which cannot carry out sustainable development or even revenue. The lighting team of Laiyiting Cultural Tourism will cooperate with partners to give full play to their advantages in planning, design, operation and other aspects, and unite with equipment, content, and capital in the field of pan-lighting, focusing on market demand, in the project Conduct field investigations and surveys in the early stages of development to ensure the direction of project development planning.


Big Four

Advantages blessing, leading the innovation and development of Chinese cultural tourism lighting

Expert team advantage

Central Academy of Fine Arts Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Fudan University Jinan University

Product equipment supply advantages

Lai Yi Ting has established a complete library of cultural tourism lighting products, equipment and content supply. After on-site inspection and understanding, it is divided into categories. According to the different types of cultural tourism lighting and the needs of the owners, targeted selection and cooperation are carried out.
At present, there are hundreds of candidate partners in the lighting supply equipment library of Lai Yiting Cultural Tourism, we are also actively digging and inspecting More and more creative brands are cooperating,

Planning and design advantages

Lai Yiting’s own design and creative design team has planned many creative and bright works for domestic scenic spots and streets, which have been liked by the owners and the general audience.
In addition, it has close relations and cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known lighting design companies, architectural planning and urban planning companies, such as BPI, LPA, East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Group, Yuanda China, etc.

Project construction and operation team

Lai Yiting adheres to the principles of professional rigor and suitability in personnel training and construction operations. It has first-class landscape lighting, lighting design, engineering management, landscape gardening, urban environmental engineering and planning and design majors at home and abroad. A group of experienced engineering design and construction technicians; in addition, we are also actively performing relevant national certifications, currently have ISO quality management system certification, ISO environmental management system certification, ISO occupational health management system certification; in the project acceptance link , We adhere to the relevant national standards to achieve the consistency of project implementation and design effects.

Cultural Tourism Lighting Full Life Cycle Service Provider

  • Collect experts to conduct field research
    Make the project planning more targeted and feasible

  • Assemble a project planning and design team
    Make the service more detailed

  • Content team conducts creative culture substitution planning
    Make the design scheme more distinctive

  • Full process supervision service for on-site construction and installation
    Guarantee process quality

  • Assist in acceptance
    highly restore planning and design effects

  • The team assists in the follow-up operation and maintenance management

LYT Pavilion Lighting Business Scope

  • Ancient architectural lighting
  • Lighting of cultural and characteristic towns
  • Garden scenic lighting
  • Theme park lighting

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